The mystery of arthritis is solved, Forword, part 2


Alma Nissen, when she was younger  Alma Nissen when she was younger

It was the beginning of my work on this book, a work that took place in inspiring surroundings, for there is a certain atmosphere at Brandal Helsehjem, an atmosphere in which concepts such as peace and harmony are important ingredients.

At the same time one is affected by the joy of life the 85 year old Alma Nissen exudes. One feels well in body and soul, and there are plenty of others who have done this before today, thousands in fact, people from all walks of life. Workers, housewives, executives, practitioners …

The guestbook bears witness to it. I open it on a random page. Start to read:

”Dear Alma,

You say that Today is the first day of your life, and through these 12 days I’ve come to realize that it’s true.

This day has been the greatest day of my life, not only because my finger is on track to get well, but especially because what you stand for, is the right thing.

As a practicing physician in Denmark it is quite clear to me that what I did in the past, just suppressing symptoms, was totally wrong and considerably more dangerous than not to do anything at all.

The best and only right thing to do is to build up one’s health and resilience to be able to fight all diseases. For all diseases have only one and the same root, and that’s an improper diet and the poisons in the air.


Page 6


Alma, you are the clearest and most logical thinking person I have ever met (professors and so on included).

Your fast-system with potato water and garlic with apples is quite simple and easy to implement, and your diet for afterwards with a fruit meal, vegetable meal and porridge meal is very simple and straightforward too, so anyone – even I – can figure it out.

–  G.Ø., practitioner in Denmark.

While I was reading what the practitioner wrote, I was interrupted by one of the leading figures in the movement of health care homes in Sweden, Gösta Eklund, who was on a visit to Brandal Helsehjem.

– There are also Swedish physicians who now take Alma Nissen’s work serious, he says.

– I am quite sure that several doctors are studying her methods. They take a bite here and a bite there of her methods, and later they appear as new research.

It has happened in several cases, Gösta Eklund says.

One of Alma Nissen’s former patients, teacher Leif Gudnitz from Elsinore says:

”It is vital that doctors, who are authorities, recognize that there is a connection between illness and food.

Alma Nissen proved that there is!

And there is no doubt that Alma Nissen’s cure works, amongst other things for arthritis. I myself am the proof. My own positive outcome of Alma Nissen’s arthritis cure has also given others with rheumatic diseases reason to be optimistic.

We therefore have to have a debate about this vital issue, says Leif Gudnitz.

The reason why this book was written is to start that debate.

Thanks to Alma Nissen and Pia Gahns, Alma Nissen’s right hand – and to those patients who contributed to the book.

With kind regards

Peter Laursen

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