Banana shake, salad, fruit and more potato soup

As expected my diet today differed a lot from my normal days on Alma Nissen’s drinking cure, and to be honest, I was quite pleased about it. I started the day with a smoothie made purely from bananas and almond milk. You should try it, it tastes great. For two people we blended 6 bananas […]

I never want to take another pill – Page 67

– For your bilateral pneumonia we’ll now give you penicillin, the chief physician at the hospital said. – I don’t want that! I replied.  I’ll never have just one more pill! – Then what do you want? The physician asked amazed. – I want garlic and apples, I replied. I ate 10 cloves of garlic […]

This is how we prepare the potato water – Page 20

To begin with we give the patients a shot glass full of lukewarm water with a little spoon full Glauber’s salt. Glauber’s salt is cleansing and works right away, so the patients have to stay near the toilet on the first day. After a cleanse we can start the treatment we think is right. We […]

The mystery of arthritis is solved, Forword, part 2

Continued   Alma Nissen when she was younger It was the beginning of my work on this book, a work that took place in inspiring surroundings, for there is a certain atmosphere at Brandal Helsehjem, an atmosphere in which concepts such as peace and harmony are important ingredients. At the same time one is affected by […]