Today’s assignment: Just the one word: Greed and a picture of money, bags filled with coins and stacks of banknotes Well, what do I know about greed? Not much it turns out and so I turned to Thomas Aquinas to get enlightened. There I could read that greed is one of the seven mortal sins. […]

With the moon and my shadow we are three

Today’s assignment: Visit a nearby cemetery and find an unusual gravestone. Write about the person that’s lying under it Very close to where I live, practically in the middle of town, there is a large cemetery, covering half of the part of town it’s placed in and divided into an upper and a lower part […]


Todays assignment: Just that one word and an old picture of a little girl in a dress, and she is not happy Under my desk, right next to where I sit, I have several boxes containing hundreds of photographs. I got those boxes earlier this year when my mom died and we had to empty […]

Butt naked

Today’s assignment: Write about the biggest secret you failed to keep Have you ever dreamed this dream where you are walking down the street and all the sudden you realize that you are naked? Yah, well, this was worse. Much worse. We all met in college, where we lived in the same dorm, Callie, Sally, […]

A masterpiece

Today’s assignment: Write about a forgery If you ever go to the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, you may stumble over a rather large expressionist painting in red and orange colors that’s claimed to be painted by a famous Dutch artist, who’s name we won’t mention here. It’s hanging next to masterpieces by other Dutch painters […]

What I remember about the 1980s

For me the decade started with a road trip that lasted a couple of month and took me from Denmark through Germany, Luxembourg and France over the Pyrenees to Spain and back. It was the same year John Lennon got shot and died in New York In January 1981 Ronald Reagan replaced Jimmy Carter as […]

Most likely to succeed

Todays assignment: Write about your time at high school, about the class clown, the lunch lady, the most popular kid, the teacher who had an affair with one of his pupils or the person who was labeled Most likely to succeed.  Most likely to succeed. What does that mean? I mean, think about it. Is […]