An icy road

Today’s assignment: Write about the worst driving you’ve ever done I do have an excuse. Back in the 70’s, when I got my drivers license, we never drove on icy roads. Back then it was okay to fill the back of your van up with children, cars didn’t have seat belts, there was no difference […]

The biggest risk I’ve ever taken

Today’s assignment: Describe the biggest risk you’ve ever taken. Taking risks is an important part of learning and of life. Think about it. Yeah, you can take the safest option every time you have to decide anything. But how much fun would that be? Your life would probably become very boring and it would be […]

The bookstores and libraries of my life

Today’s assignment: Write about a library or bookstore that has a special significance to you. Which authors did you discover there? Well, where to start? In my childhood in my little town in northern Germany, we had but one little shop where they sold books. I don’t remember much about it, because we barely ever […]

Nothing but a coincidence?

Today’s assignment: Write about the chance encounter that led to your marriage Being a translator is a very lonely job. Most of us don’t have an office to go to or colleagues we see every day. There are no Friday evenings at the pub with the gang or Christmas parties at the office. When I […]

Our way home from the Camino de Santiago de Compostella

Today’s assignment: Just one word: Hitchhiker (In My way to the Camino de Santiago de Compostella I described my daughter Lises and my way from Denmark to the Pyrenees. ) During the following several weeks we walked along one of the official roads to Santiago from France over the Pyrenees and into Spain, turned right and […]

A restroom in Poland

Today’s assignment: Describe the most inappropriate place you’ve ever used as a restroom. About a year after the Berlin wall fell and it got possible for everyone to go to Poland, my boyfriend at that time Anders and I went to a fair in the city Poznan. He was the sales manager in a Danish […]

Pippi Longstocking and cook books

Today’s assignment: What was the book that first attracted you to reading? When I was still a little child, my moms mom developed rheumatism and got so sick, she couldn’t live alone anymore. She gave up the house, where she had lived since my mom was a little girl, and moved in with us in […]

Bar fight

Today’s assignment: Describe the last time you were physically involved in a fight. Well, I’ve never been into a fight myself, not even as a child, but many years ago, when I was 21, I was, sorts of, involved in a bar fight. As I’ve mentioned earlier I moved from Germany to Denmark back in […]

White water

Today’s assignment: Just the two words: Girl Power Have you ever heard one of those stories about a tiny, thin mom who lifted a truck to pull her child out beneath it? Well I’ve experienced something similar. Not as bloody though, and everybody walked away from it without a scratch, but anyway. When my girls […]


Today’s assignment: Just those 3 words. Red light district The capitol of the Netherlands has many attractions: Of course there are all the coffee shops where you legally can buy marihuana which you also legally can smoke either there or anywhere else in the Netherlands. Then there are all the museums like Rijksmuseum and Anne […]