My grandpas chapeau claque

Todays assignment: Describe the clearest, most vivid memory of your childhood – a moment that has stayed with you all of your life. From my whole childhood I only remember one occasion where I did not sleep at home at night. I must have been 4 or 5 and I don’t remember why, but there […]

The man in the chair

Today’s assignment: Write a ’locked room’ mystery (In a traditional locked room mystery, a dead body is discovered alone in a room that has been locked from the inside.) By the time they found him he had been dead for about two weeks. It was summer; the longest and hottest in decades, and even so […]

The backside of gambling

Todays assignment: More than 25,000 Americans seek help every year for compulsive gambling. Write about one of them. Well, I don’t know any American compulsive gamblers, but we are having the same problem in Europe too. I’m not sure how things were in other European countries, but some years ago there were a lot of […]

Gladys secret

Todays assignment: Describe the secret life of a school bus driver Gladys drove the school bus into the parking lot, locked it and dumped the key into the care takers mailbox. It was Friday before spring break and she had 10 days without screaming children to look forward to. Ah, pure heaven. She stopped by […]

The red key

Todays assignment: Invent a character who suspects his or her spouse of infidelity. Perhaps the story starts with a mysterious phone call, or the discovery of unfamiliar shoes beneath the bed … She pulled the plug of the vacuum cleaner out of the socket in the hall, opened the door to the bedroom and plugged […]

What I do to stay healthy

Todays assignment: Write about the most serious injury or health problem you’ve ever faced. The thing is that I am a very healthy person. At least the healthiest person I know. Apart from a very weird reaction every time I eat pigs meat I’ve inherited from my grandpa (who died from it in a far too […]

Give your characters a hobby

Todays assignment: Look at the characters in the story you’re writing and reflect on their hobbies. How do they spend their free time? Why do they choose to spend it this way? And what does it say about them? The novel I’m writing these days (I’ve written about the story here on the blog in […]

Lady of the manor

Todays assignment: Write about a wedding during which the bride or groom changes their mind. On her way through the hall Ann paused in front of the large mirror and saw a picture of perfection; not a single straw of her light blonde hair pointed in a wrong direction; her make up looked natural and […]

The blessings of being a writer

Todays assignment: Write a story that begins with a phone call at three o’clock in the morning. Clark Gable took my hand, came closer and looked me deep in the eyes. I could tell that he was about to kiss me and so I closed my eyes. That same moment the phone rang and I […]