About a little book about gout, rheumatoid arthritis and other auto immune diseases

When my grandma was about 60 years old she got rheumatoid arthritis and became very sick. So much so, she couldn’t stay in her own house anymore, but moved in with my parents and siblings and me. She got her own room on the first floor, and on her first day she sat down in the most comfortable chair and sat there pretty much for the next 15 years, until she suddenly one night got a heart attack and died.

When my mom was about 50 years old, she woke up one day with unbearable pain in her swollen joints, and unable to leave the bed without help. She was terrified. She had watched her mother live in pain for so many years without being able to help her, and now she had the same disease.

I myself felt quite helpless and turned to the library to see if there was anything that could help. What I found was nothing less than a miracle for my mom. I found a little book that had been published a few years earlier without a lot of media attention.

My library had one copy of the book, and I took it home together with a few other books that were mostly explaining why science still didn’t know exactly what auto immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis were and how to tread them.

The little book was different. It was written by a Danish journalist and TV producer, and was about a Danish woman who at that time was 92 years old and had a place in Norway, where she treated people with all kinds of auto immune diseases, especially arthritis.

The old woman (her name was Alma Nissen) had had arthritis as a child, but had been so lucky to have a wise mother, who knew how to treat her with vegetables and herbs. When Alma was 50 years old, the severe arthritis returned, and  it took her a while to remember how her mother had treated her with vegetables and herbs when she was a child, but when she remembered, she began to treat herself the way her mother had done, and oh wonder, she got well and pain free again.

After that she set out to help others and make people and especially the health care system aware that this was the right way to treat auto immune diseases. Over the next 40 something years she helped tens of thousands of people to get well again, but it wasn’t easy. Nobody within the established health care was willing to help her get her message out even so many of her own patients were doctors, who themselves worked with patients with arthritis every day.

I gave the book to my mom and asked her to do what Alma said she had to do, and she did. Within a few weeks her joints weren’t swollen anymore and she could get out of bed by herself and little by little get back to work.

Over the years there have been more cases of severe arthritis in my family, and one has to accept the fact that not everybody is willing to do what it takes and change their eating habits to get well again.

Then a while ago my oldest brother, who is 64 years old, also got arthritis, and he got all kinds of strange treatments, from injections in his joints till pulling his teeth out, but nobody ever considered the possibility that there could be anything wrong with his diet.

It made me think of that little book about Alma Nissen again, and I went to the library and found the same one copy, which by now had been moved to the basement and probably sometime in the near future will be sold the next time the library needs some space for their new books. By then it will be too late, and people will not be able to read about the possibility to help themselves and so I decided to make this my next project.

I will translate the little Danish book into English and post it here on my blog, one page every day, and give everybody the possibility to hear about Alma Nissen and her work, and to learn what to do, to get rid of auto immune diseases.

If you’re interested in helping yourself or someone else, please watch out for my next blog posts.



8 thoughts on “About a little book about gout, rheumatoid arthritis and other auto immune diseases

  1. Yes, you’re right, but on the other hand – this information is something that should belong to everybody as a kind of birth right. Or that’s how it feels to me, so I’ll give it away.

  2. Thank you for this excellent translation. I was looking for information about Alma Nissen, whom I met in Copenhagen some 38 years ago and I am so delighted to have found this translation of the little Danish book: Gigtens Gaade er loest” which my mother gave me some years later. I am not sure where my copy is, but your translation is excellent and I think you should see if you could find someone to help you publish it.

    • I looked into it some years ago but wasn’t able to find any more information about Alma or the clinic or the writer, and then I got sidetracked and forgot about it again. Maybe I will do something about it one day. I’m glad I could help.

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