Finally we got some winter

After days and nights on end with rain and storm and more rain, this is what the world looked like when I started my day yesterday. The wind came from south east, which in our area means cold and dry weather in winter and warm and dry weather in summer. The dogs were excited and […]

It’s wet!

Tonight it sounds like the storms that pestered us for days and nights on end are over.   The wind took our sign saying: Be carefully, free animals.    It will need some new nails or screws Finally it’s quiet outside. The storms by the names Dagmar and Egon and all the nameless howling wind in between […]

An old mans advice about bringing up children

Bragging about my daughter yesterday made me think of a piece of advice I got many years ago, and which I want to forward to you. I have younger siblings and always wanted to have children of my own. When I finally got pregnant and also after I’d got my first beautiful little girl, I read […]

I got bragging rights!

Yesterday my youngest daughter Lise gave me some serious bragging rights, when she and her team at Creo Arkitekter won the tender for a new swimming bath in the Danish city Roskilde. Roskilde already has a swimming bath, which is going to be a part of the new and larger building with several smaller and […]

What not to do when in Denmark

Denmark is one of the safest places on earth. It really is. Okay, we do have car accidents and every now and then somebody gets bumped off by somebody else before their time, or – mostly foreigners on inflatable toys – have to be rescued from drowning on the open sea, but apart from that […]

About white Italians, Sussex, Danish country and a lot of eggs

It looks like keeping the Sussex rooster is a success. No more crowing at 1:30 AM, no more bullying, no more bad behavior all in all. It’s nice to see how friendly and well behaved poultry can be towards each other. Since we slaughtered all the faverolles the other day our rooster has become new […]

Chaotic mornings

Most days my mornings are a bit chaotic. I often work late (1 or 2 or even 3 AM) and as a result I don’t get up before everybody else has left for school and work, and the house has been taken over by cats and dogs. It happens that the dogs just wait for […]

The smellier the better!

When I was a baby girl, my grandmother had a job in a gardener’s greenhouse and I have a vague memory of walking between long planters tables and smelling the flowers. I especially remember huge bouquets of carnations and freesias, and pots with ferns.   I think I was 4 or 5 years old at […]