Another kind of blind date

Today’s assignment: Tell the story of a blind date. Reading about today’s assignment, another kind of blind date came to mind. Until I was 20 years old I don’t think I ever knew a person who was physically handicapped. Then I moved to Denmark to go to high school and in the boarding house where […]

Getting ready to date

Todays assignment: Describe your dream date That’s a tough one. Truth be told I haven’t dated at all since I left my husband a couple of years ago. Maybe I ought to, but you know, I kind of invest myself in a relationship, and when it turns out not to be worth it, I have […]

Knock on wood!

Todays assignment: Superstitious In my family we’re not superstitious, or almost not superstitious. We walk gladly under ladders (unless it’s looking like something is falling down from up there), we don’t mind living in room or house number 13, we arrange parties for Friday the 13th, and we think it’s okay, when the black cat […]

How important is it to be pretty?

Write about the physical trait you would have killed to change in junior high school. Did I have a trait I was unhappy about? Maybe, but if so I don’t remember it and it certainly wasn’t anything serious, something I would have killed to change. Truth be told, I don’t think I thought a lot […]

To be a man on the moon

Todays assignment: By the early 1990’s more than 30,000 Americans held reservations with Pan Am airlines for a trip to the moon. Write about one of these people. For as long as he could remember, James had wanted to do thing differently. As a boy he had been the one with the highest stilts, a […]

A case of Alzheimer light

Todays assignment: Begin a story with a character who has lost something important to them The sun shone and it almost looked like spring, but it was freezing. Gregory had left home just in his jacket; no hat, no scarf, no gloves, and now he felt cold, so he walked faster, and when he turned […]

Language confusion

Todays assignment: Dialect During the Thirty Years War (1618 – 1648), which in the beginning was a religious war between Protestants and Catholics, the Duke of Gottorp, Frederik the third, asked Remonstrants and Mennonites from Holland to come and build a city in the northern part of what’s now Germany, between the two rivers Eider […]

About not following your passion

Todays assignment: Write about a dream or a goal that you failed to achieve. What went wrong? And how did the experience change you? In 1991 I had studied German and Chinese forever without really feeling passion for any of it. I also had discovered an unexpected passion for something totally different: pottery. Years before […]

When enough is enough

Todays assignment: Protest How do you handle getting angry? Every once in a decade or two it happens to me: I get angry. Don’t get me wrong. I can get annoyed sometimes, but angry, really angry, is something I don’t get if I can avoid it. It’s very unpleasant while it lasts and afterwards I […]

Peek a boo with binoculars

Todays assignment: Voyeur Looking back at the different men I’ve met over the course of my life, I must say that most of them were pretty normal, maybe with a slight tendency to boring. There were a few exceptions though; like the poet who used to call and recite his very graphic poems to me […]