A doctor about Alma Nissens cure – Page 74

The Danish physician Gunner Ødum wrote in the Danish newspaper Aarhuus Stiftstidende on November 1rst 1980 (excerpt): … I have my own theory about why Alma Nissens cure works for pretty much all forms of arthritis, asthma, chronic bronchitis, migraine, psoriasis and Bechterews disease – a disease that gives the patient at totally stiff back […]

Every home can be a health home – Page 73

Taxes can go down. The result would be that families had more money. What I propose is achievable. Every home can be a health home. Every country can become a model country for the rest of the world. People can really begin to thrive. These visions of the future are no utopia. It is all […]

A revolutionary effect – Page 72

In this house there is a strong will, and that will is mine. Everyone should have the help they need, but without nonsense, because nonsense doesn’t heal you! I comfort and encourage my patients and give them great care. In return I demand total discipline! Discipline is necessary to reach a goal. – What impact […]

I’ve been stubborn all my life – Page 71

– It’s as if you’ve been stubborn all your life? – Yes I have. And it was necessary! But at the same time I’ve also had a big desire to help, I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. As I mentioned earlier, I had a sick father. He suffered a lot because […]

When I took my driver’s license … – Page 70

It happened when I was 70. I had never in my life dreamed that I would own a car. I had an old rusty bicycle, and I was well pleased with it, but more and more guest had to be taken to and from the train station, and so I decided that it had to […]

The politicians are welcome – Page 69

Your food should be your medicine and your medicine your food. Health is our best, our only capital. These facts cannot be repeated often enough. When I had rheumatism, the only help I got made me so much worse. I got 22 pills per day. In the end I was so poisoned by medicine that […]

The doctors were totally desperate… Page 68

– But the doctors at the hospital, weren’t they convinced that what you stand for is the right thing? – The doctors were totally desperately against this. They did everything they could to bully the trial. And so did the rest of the staff. They offered the patients sleeping pills and painkillers. I found out […]

I never want to take another pill – Page 67

– For your bilateral pneumonia we’ll now give you penicillin, the chief physician at the hospital said. – I don’t want that! I replied.  I’ll never have just one more pill! – Then what do you want? The physician asked amazed. – I want garlic and apples, I replied. I ate 10 cloves of garlic […]

I became a total wreck – Page 66

My gallstone cure can for instance also be used by people who are going on a long trip. It’s always nice to be sure that a trip isn’t going to be ruined by a gallstone attack. And you can be sure if you take the pain free cure without side effects. A good and cheap […]

A lot of money could be saved – Page 65

The state could save a lot of money if gallstone patients got this oil therapy and also a drinking cure for a week. The patients need no recreation and they don’t have pain afterwards. It would be a great relief if we could avoid all those hospitalizations and expensive surgeries for gallstones. And they can […]