A light in the dark

In my part of the world the sun today went up at 8.31 AM and down at 3.34 PM. That means we had 7 hours 3 minutes of daylight and 16 hours 57 minutes of darkness. In 10 days, on December 21rst, on the shortest day and longest night of the year, the sun will […]

Grauballemanden returned to the bog

I’ve so far not been able to find out when Grauballemanden was taken from Huset, the first museum where he was exhibited, and when he was transferred to another museum, the prehistoric museum Moesgaard Museum, but in 1970 he went on exhibition again and except for shorter periods, where new tests were taken and he […]

He was a huge sensation

Archeologists still think that Grauballemanden, who was found in a bog in Grauballe near the city Silkeborg in Jutland / Denmark in 1952, was sacrificed to a pagan goddess named Nerthus. One would think that Grauballemanden was a slave who could be spared, but that’s not the case. He probably was a kind of clerk […]

Sacrificed to the fertility goddess Nerthus

On April 26th 1952 bog workers cut blocks of peat for fuel in Grauballe near Silkeborg in Jutland/Denmark. One of the men, Tage Busk Sørensen, put his spade in the ground and hit something he immediately knew was not a stone or a root. It felt like rubber, and when he put his spade down […]

But did it really fall from the sky?

Denmark is one of the few countries in the world whose flag has a name – Dannebrog. Legend has it that it fell from the sky during the battle on Lyndanisse (Tallinn) in Estonia on June 15th in 1219 Again according to legend the battle was going bad for the Danish troops, but a Danish […]

How the Dutch speak

I realize that I’ve been rambling on about Amsterdam for more than 5 month now, so maybe it’s time to wrap it up and start writing about something else, but before I do that I would like to write just a tiny little bit about the Dutch language. Historically the name Nederlande (which means low […]


Until 1875 it was possible to see the open water from here. All you can see now in that direction is the Centraal Station. Martelaarsgracht was once a canal, and in 1661 a night lodging place, de Nieuwe Stadsherberg, was built on piles in the open water right here, where the canal and the open […]

Het Makelars Comptoir

  ‘t Makelaers Comptoir at the open Nieuwezijds Voorgurgwal painted by Cornelis Springer. The painting was sold at Christies for 211,500 Euros ‘t Makelaers Comptoir was built on the corner of Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal and Nieuwe Nieuwstraat between 1633 and 34 and has been the home of the broker’s guild since then and till today without […]


  Midsummer bonfire at Skagen Sønderstrand (not my picture) In case you didn’t notice: today is the 24th of June and we are exactly in the middle between two Christmases. This is midsummer, which is a big thing in Scandinavia, because it’s the time of year when we have the most light. Where I am […]

De Kolk (officially Nieuwezijds Kolk)

De Kolk was a canal, which was drained and turned into a square around 1480. The area around De Kolk is probably the oldest part of town. Archeological excavations in 1994 and 1999 showed that people have lived and worked here in the 13th century, and armored walls were found that could be what’s left […]