About German Carnival

I don’t know about the rest of the world, but in Germany carnival officially started yesterday. Not that I know that much about it. It has never been a part of my families tradition, and living in the northern part of Germany until I was 20, I haven’t been to a single grown up carnival […]

I meant well

Describe a time when you’ve settled an argument between to people. 22 years ago I interfered in the relationship of a couple. They were friends of my husband and me. We had known him longer than her. I went to school with him and we made some business together, while we went to school and […]

Four sides to a story

  Todays assignment: Write a scene in which a moving automobile hits a man. The man: I’d been to the shop across the street from the old museum to buy some food for dinner. Lambs meat and garlic for meat balls, and I was walking there with my shopping bag. I wasn’t really in a […]

Alone on an island with…

Today’s assignment: If you were ever going to be shipwrecked and had to stay alone on an island with anyone single person, who would it be? That is a tough one. Of course I’d appreciate the company of anyone of my girls, but then again: I’d prefer them to be in safety, watching over each […]

A masterpiece

Today’s assignment: Write about a forgery If you ever go to the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, you may stumble over a rather large expressionist painting in red and orange colors that’s claimed to be painted by a famous Dutch artist, who’s name we won’t mention here. It’s hanging next to masterpieces by other Dutch painters […]

When I hit my head

Todays assignment: Write about a near-death experience. The green 1969 VW-beagle drove into the long curve to the right. The air outside felt like spring this morning, even so it only was the end of March, and it came as a total surprise for the somewhat inexperienced driver that there was ice on the street […]