Update about the progress in my new flat


A while ago I complained to you about being stuck in limbo and having had to wait for my new flat for far too long. Since then a lot has happened.

WP_20150104_14_11_33_Pro Before  WP_20150127_15_29_12_Pro  After

First the plumber arrived and fixed all radiators, then the carpenter, who took down a wall and replaced some windowsills, then the painter, who removed the signs of the wall that was taken down and who painted all the walls that had once been white, and then the carpenter came back to make a new floor.

WP_20150104_14_10_42_Pro  Before  WP_20150127_15_27_30_Pro  After  

What a difference! He’s finished the floor in four of my 6 rooms already, complete with moldings and everything and I think it’s really nice.

WP_20150104_14_12_31_Pro  Before  WP_20150127_15_31_08_Pro  After

Hopefully he’s going to finish the floor in the last two rooms also this week and then I will be able to move in, but before I get all too cozy I’m going to paint all the wood in the flat like doors and ceilings. It’s going to be so great!

WP_20150104_14_11_17_Pro  Before  WP_20150127_15_28_30_Pro  After

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