How to get more vegetables and make them fun to eat

Until recently I’ve always looked at the vegetable squash or zucchini as being rather boring, something to use in fat free cookies or in stews, a vegetable that tends to be over cooked before you even put it in the pot or pan.  A spiralizer (not my picture) Then I ordered a so called spiralizer, […]

Part one of my experiment is over

Since last time I wrote about my Alma Nissen drinking cure here on the blog, I’ve stopped following it. While I felt great during the first 2 weeks of the cure, I gradually began not feeling so good later on. A week ago – last Thursday – I got a sore throat, and Friday I […]

This is not for the faint hearted

When I was a child, we never ate strong spicy food. Our food tasted of the vegetables that were in it and pork, beef, poultry or fish, where the taste was enhanced with salt and a little pepper, and that was it. The only exception to it was an occasional spoonful of mustard if we […]

Day five of the experiment

Today I took a closer look at, what I’m eating and at the amount of calories I get per day. It’s not a lot, only about 1250 calories a day, but still I’m not hungry. I feel good and satisfied. Maybe it’s because I also get a lot of water at the same time. Here […]

First day on Alma Nissens drinking cure

Today was the first day of my four weeks with Alma Nissen’s drinking cure. I weighed myself in the morning before I started, and can tell you as much as that there is room for improvement. Then I drank a large glass of water with the juice of one lemon before I prepared my first […]

The politicians are welcome – Page 69

Your food should be your medicine and your medicine your food. Health is our best, our only capital. These facts cannot be repeated often enough. When I had rheumatism, the only help I got made me so much worse. I got 22 pills per day. In the end I was so poisoned by medicine that […]

I never want to take another pill – Page 67

– For your bilateral pneumonia we’ll now give you penicillin, the chief physician at the hospital said. – I don’t want that! I replied.  I’ll never have just one more pill! – Then what do you want? The physician asked amazed. – I want garlic and apples, I replied. I ate 10 cloves of garlic […]

Garlic for all infections – Page 24

The fact that garlic also helps you get a whole train compartment for yourself is something you have to see from the bright side. Unfortunately it takes some time for people to get used to the smell of garlic. The problem is solved when everybody eats garlic. – How can it be that garlic – […]

Yes, it sounds horrible … – Page 23

We have four ways to cleanse our bodies: through our skin, intestines, kidneys and lungs. Every morning our patients get an enema to flush their intestines. Then they get a shower. First warm, then icy cold! Yes, it sounds horrible, but it is necessary. It stimulates the nervous system, the skin, the blood circulation and […]

This is how we prepare the potato water – Page 20

To begin with we give the patients a shot glass full of lukewarm water with a little spoon full Glauber’s salt. Glauber’s salt is cleansing and works right away, so the patients have to stay near the toilet on the first day. After a cleanse we can start the treatment we think is right. We […]