Every home can be a health home – Page 73

Taxes can go down. The result would be that families had more money. What I propose is achievable. Every home can be a health home. Every country can become a model country for the rest of the world. People can really begin to thrive. These visions of the future are no utopia. It is all […]

More recipes from Brandal – Page 35

More recipes from Brandal For a portion of buckwheat porridge we use 1 deciliter buckwheat and 3 deciliter water. It’s brought to a boil, where after it has to simmer for half an hour. In the case of millet porridge we use 1 deciliter millet and 3 deciliter water which is brought to a boil, […]

The mystery of arthritis is solved, Forword, part 2

Continued   Alma Nissen when she was younger It was the beginning of my work on this book, a work that took place in inspiring surroundings, for there is a certain atmosphere at Brandal Helsehjem, an atmosphere in which concepts such as peace and harmony are important ingredients. At the same time one is affected by […]

The migraine disappeared

The mystery of arthritis is solved (continued)   Alma Nissen, 92 years old   I had migraines for many years, Alma Nissen explains. Each time the migraine started, I saw no other alternative then to call the doctor as soon as possible and to get an injection … The pain hammered away in line with […]

The mystery of arthritis is solved

Before I start giving you the book about Alma Nissen, I’ll give you the following article from 1989, taken from the free Danish magazine called Helsenyt   Alma Nissen, 92 years old I eat garlic like it was candy! – And that’s probably why I’m 92 years old today and still have Brandal Helsehjem (a […]