Something to do during winter in the countryside

skovskade  Eurasian jay

During winter and especially when the ground is covered with snow, I like to feed the birds, and living in the countryside is a great opportunity to do so.

Flagspætte Today the great spotted woodpecker showed up

While I lived on the third floor in the city, I tried to feed the birds one winter as well, but had to give it up, because a gang of gulls – don’t ask me what kind – fell over the food like hooligans, bullied all the other birds and almost ripped my balcony apart.

Skovspurve, ( Passer montanus ), Tree sparrow, Spurve, Skovspurv, Pilfink, Spurvefugle,  Eurasian tree sparrow

Anyway, out here there are no neighbors who could get annoyed about the noise or the mess the birds make, and I just think it’s nice to have some life around the house.

gulspurv  Yellowhammer

It’s incredible how many birds, you barely ever see otherwise, find their way to your garden or backyard out of nowhere once you start spreading some seeds and give the birds access to some fat.

rødhals  European robin

It’s especially funny to watch the common blackbirds, who are defending the food from each other and from the smaller birds like Eurasian tree sparrows, yellowhammer, Eurasian bullfinches, European robins and great tits. Instead of enjoying some of the food, they are chasing the others all day long.

Dompap, ( Pyrrhula pyrrhula ), Bullfinch, Domherre,  Eurasian bullfinch

Only when the larger birds like Eurasian jays or the great spotted woodpeckers – and off course our hens and rooster – show up, the blackbirds choose to mind their own business.

musvit  Great tit

Feeding all those birds takes quite a lot of birdseeds, but I like the idea of helping them getting through a rough and cold time.

solsort  Common blackbird

None of the pictures above are mine – I stole them from the internet

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