He was a huge sensation

Archeologists still think that Grauballemanden, who was found in a bog in Grauballe near the city Silkeborg in Jutland / Denmark in 1952, was sacrificed to a pagan goddess named Nerthus. One would think that Grauballemanden was a slave who could be spared, but that’s not the case. He probably was a kind of clerk […]

Sacrificed to the fertility goddess Nerthus

On April 26th 1952 bog workers cut blocks of peat for fuel in Grauballe near Silkeborg in Jutland/Denmark. One of the men, Tage Busk Sørensen, put his spade in the ground and hit something he immediately knew was not a stone or a root. It felt like rubber, and when he put his spade down […]

To walk in Aarhus

Today’s assignment: Take a walk If you like to walk, the Danish city Aarhus, where I live, is perfect. It is small enough so you can go pretty much everywhere on foot or bike, and it has everything you need, shopping wise and entertainment wise. The red dot is where I live and the yellow […]

A weekend away with mom and dad

Todays assignment: Describe your most memorable family holiday and explain what made it special for you. My mom would have loved to go on vacations, but my dad never wanted to. As a kid in the beginning of world war two he’d been sent to some family in another part of Germany, where he’d stayed […]

She expected him to propose but then…

Todays assignment: Under the headline: Change would do you good, I am asked to start my story with a change in my protagonists life. So here we go: Thomas had arranged their vacation and paid for the trip out of his own pocket, which was unusual, because they used to share all costs, and he […]

My heroine

Today’s assignment: Interrogate your characters These days I’m writing a skeleton for a romance novel. I’m happy with what I’ve come up with so far and I’m nearly done with that part of the work. The next step is to learn more about the people in the story. So, from the top of my head, […]

Do you know what I’m doing?

Today’s assignment: Write a story that begins with a phone call In the beginning of the 80’es my high school sweet heart Torben and I moved to a dormitory right outside Aarhus. The dorm had several kinds of living quarters. Some of them where rooms with private bathrooms and a common living room and kitchen […]

The Marie Lock-Hansen murder

Today’s assignment: Research an unsolved murder that occurred in your city or town. Speculate about what might have really happened. The 10th of November 1967 around 10.45 AM the 43 years old Mrs. Marie Lock-Hansen had prepared an early lunch for herself and her cleaning lady Irma Rasmussen, and they were about to sit down […]

The bookstores and libraries of my life

Today’s assignment: Write about a library or bookstore that has a special significance to you. Which authors did you discover there? Well, where to start? In my childhood in my little town in northern Germany, we had but one little shop where they sold books. I don’t remember much about it, because we barely ever […]

My way to the Camino de Santiago de Compostella

Today’s assignment: Write about the longest amount of time you’ve ever gone without sleeping. I’ve never been really happy about flying, so when my daughter and I decided to go and walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostella in Spain, we looked only for busses and trains and found a night bus from Aarhus in […]