Peek a boo with binoculars

Todays assignment: Voyeur Looking back at the different men I’ve met over the course of my life, I must say that most of them were pretty normal, maybe with a slight tendency to boring. There were a few exceptions though; like the poet who used to call and recite his very graphic poems to me […]

Who’s scared of being excentric?

Todays assignment: Conformity Conformity is about obedience. About doing the same, saying the same, looking the same, being the same as others. It’s about following the rules others put out there and never making your own mark in the world. It’s about staying off the grass because a sign says so, it’s about every city […]

The biggest risk I’ve ever taken

Today’s assignment: Describe the biggest risk you’ve ever taken. Taking risks is an important part of learning and of life. Think about it. Yeah, you can take the safest option every time you have to decide anything. But how much fun would that be? Your life would probably become very boring and it would be […]

Merried with family

Todays assignment: Write an argument between to characters that begins in bed. He rolled over on his side of the bed, turned on the light, took a cigarette out of the packet and lit it. “Do we really have to go and visit your family again tomorrow?” He asked. “Well, of course we do, silly,” […]