How I handle being a translator

Todays assignment: Deadline: the time by which something has to be finished or delivered I am a translator. Have been for many, many, many years and over time I’ve learned to cope with most of the downsides of the business.  Like working in an industry, where the prices are going down due to the internet […]

Desmond Bagley

Todays assignment: What book influences your writing the most? To be honest I don’t read many books these days. Though I’m working to establish myself as a writer (in my second native language Danish), I still work full time as a translator by now. That means I’m sitting at the computer 10 – 12 hours […]

Nothing but a coincidence?

Today’s assignment: Write about the chance encounter that led to your marriage Being a translator is a very lonely job. Most of us don’t have an office to go to or colleagues we see every day. There are no Friday evenings at the pub with the gang or Christmas parties at the office. When I […]


Today’s assignment: Describe the worst job you’ve ever had Sometimes you hear about people who start working somewhere when they are 15 or 16 or 17 and stay at the same working place until they go on pension. I couldn’t do that. I’ve had many different jobs over the years, as a cook, a guide […]