Update about the progress in my new flat

A while ago I complained to you about being stuck in limbo and having had to wait for my new flat for far too long. Since then a lot has happened.  Before    After First the plumber arrived and fixed all radiators, then the carpenter, who took down a wall and replaced some windowsills, then the […]

About New Years resolutions

Though there were joy and happiness and glimpses of good fortune in it, 2014 was not one of my best years. I got divorced, and I moved out of a nice flat in town and was supposed to move into another flat in the countryside, but got stuck in limbo in my daughters guest room, […]

A lot of left legs

Todays assignment: E.R. Many years ago, while I lived together with my high school sweetheart Torben, we had a dog, a sweet little cocker spaniel called Jump. She was brown and white, very affectionate and full of energy. Torben still had his grandmother, whose name was Viola and who was over 70 at that time. […]

A day without coffee

Todays assignment: Desire – begin a story in which a character wants something – a loan, a parking space, a glass of water, anything – right away. “Hold that bus!” She ran up the few steps to the street, zigzagged between the passengers who had just left the bus, and had almost reached the back […]