What Alma Nissen’s helper has to say – Page 21

Pia Gahns – Alma Nissen’s right hand – while she prepares potato water for a day for the patients at Brandal – I’ve seen the most unbelievable things happen here at Brandal, she says. – We’ve had so good results, one almost can’t believe it. We get rheumatic patients, where the doctor said: ”This is […]

Final words about food in Amsterdam

In most supermarkets vegetarians can find replacements for meat in the form of sausages, hamburgers, shawarma, minced meat, cordonbleu and many other products made from soy or milk.   Meat replacements Supermarkets also have wine and beer, but if you want something stronger than that you have to go to something called a “slijterij”. Many […]

What would you do, if all your food looked different all the sudden?

 Aparently this is rice in leaves of some kind and you cook it as you would cook an Uncle Bens bag of rice. 11 years ago, when I moved to Amsterdam, I had no idea about how different it would be to cook in my new country. I was 46 and was brought up by […]