About New Years resolutions

Though there were joy and happiness and glimpses of good fortune in it, 2014 was not one of my best years. I got divorced, and I moved out of a nice flat in town and was supposed to move into another flat in the countryside, but got stuck in limbo in my daughters guest room, […]

I’m making a bucket list

Somehow I’ve always known what I want to do with my life: travel, write, draw, work on staying healthy, find my significant other, get and learn to sail a boat, drive a Citroen, live in a house on the beach, look great and live happily ever after. Unfortunately things did not quite turn out that […]

Five years tops!

Todays assignment: Thirty-four percent of new American public school teachers say they plan to quit their profession within five years.  Write about one of them. Mr. Gunderson walked slowly along the corridor. It was noon on the day before summer vacation and the school was unusually quiet. Most of the doors to the class rooms […]

A weekend away with mom and dad

Todays assignment: Describe your most memorable family holiday and explain what made it special for you. My mom would have loved to go on vacations, but my dad never wanted to. As a kid in the beginning of world war two he’d been sent to some family in another part of Germany, where he’d stayed […]