Do you like oysters?

Today I picked up a magazine with advice about food for two for New Years Eve. One of the things, the author of that article thought, should be part of a dinner for two, are oysters. It made me think of something that happened many years ago, while I travelled through France with my high […]

Canoeing in Sweden

Todays assignment: Describe your most intimate experience with mother nature. It was back in summer 1990. Half a year earlier I had found myself a new boyfriend, Anders, and he, my two small girls, five year old Lise and seven year old Julie and I went canoeing in Sweden. We had never done that before […]

Thomas the brave

Today’s assignment: Casualty In 1977, the year I left Germany in August, I worked as a substitute teacher at my old school during spring and early summer. What I remember most about that time, is chasing after some of the boys in fifth grade, who just knew exactly how to push my buttons. As far […]