Five years tops!

Todays assignment: Thirty-four percent of new American public school teachers say they plan to quit their profession within five years.  Write about one of them. Mr. Gunderson walked slowly along the corridor. It was noon on the day before summer vacation and the school was unusually quiet. Most of the doors to the class rooms […]

Famous people I know

Today’s assignment: Describe your first encounter with a celebrity When I was a little girl our neighbor, who worked as a cleaning lady at a teacher’s home, arranged for me to go and play with that teacher’s daughter. She was a little younger than I and the single child of a single mom, and I […]


Today’s assignment: Describe the worst job you’ve ever had Sometimes you hear about people who start working somewhere when they are 15 or 16 or 17 and stay at the same working place until they go on pension. I couldn’t do that. I’ve had many different jobs over the years, as a cook, a guide […]