Cannibalism – almost like in the civilized world – pages 38 and 39

Among Alma Nissens patients there are also children. Just like the adults they get a cleansing through a liquid diet and afterwards a vegetarian diet. In the picture beneath Alma Nissen examines the medicine patients have put down after they started her cure. – The medicine often only suppresses the symptoms and has side effects that […]

You’re not the only one

Today’s assignment: Polygamy My (almost) ex-husband was born and raised in Cairo in Egypt. He still has both his parents, some siblings and a lot of friends there, and every time he goes there on vacation, they all meet and spend a lot of time together. As children and youngsters they walked in and out […]

The helper

Today’s assignment: Write a story that takes place in the kitchen of a restaurant 28 years ago, when I studied German and had to feed my two small girls, money was always scarce. Luckily we lived in a dorm where the rent for our flat with two bedrooms was low, and where I found a […]