Finally we got some winter

After days and nights on end with rain and storm and more rain, this is what the world looked like when I started my day yesterday. The wind came from south east, which in our area means cold and dry weather in winter and warm and dry weather in summer. The dogs were excited and […]

It’s wet!

Tonight it sounds like the storms that pestered us for days and nights on end are over.   The wind took our sign saying: Be carefully, free animals.    It will need some new nails or screws Finally it’s quiet outside. The storms by the names Dagmar and Egon and all the nameless howling wind in between […]

Canoeing in Sweden

Todays assignment: Describe your most intimate experience with mother nature. It was back in summer 1990. Half a year earlier I had found myself a new boyfriend, Anders, and he, my two small girls, five year old Lise and seven year old Julie and I went canoeing in Sweden. We had never done that before […]