Finally we got some winter

After days and nights on end with rain and storm and more rain, this is what the world looked like when I started my day yesterday. The wind came from south east, which in our area means cold and dry weather in winter and warm and dry weather in summer. The dogs were excited and […]

How I went to Spain by accident, part 1

Now I remember the name of the small town where we bought our oysters. It was Cap Ferret.     Camping du Truc Vert near Cap Ferret at the Atlantic near Bordeaux The camping place we stayed at for about 2 weeks was the Camping du Truc Vert nearby. I think we could have stayed […]

To walk in Aarhus

Today’s assignment: Take a walk If you like to walk, the Danish city Aarhus, where I live, is perfect. It is small enough so you can go pretty much everywhere on foot or bike, and it has everything you need, shopping wise and entertainment wise. The red dot is where I live and the yellow […]