Happy fourth Sunday in the Advent

My youngest daughter Lise and I are celebrating Christmas together with my sisters and brothers and their families this year, and like last year, when we celebrated Christmas together with my oldest daughter Julie and her boyfriend Per and Lises and Julies father and his wife and her daughter and son in law, we rented […]

My grandmas black book

After my mother died last year, and while my sisters, my oldest daughter and I went through all her things, I found a little black book that turned out to be nothing less than a treasure. It had belonged to my mothers mother and my mother had kept it together with hundreds of pictures. Most […]

People from the past

My mom had 2 sisters and 1 brother. Her brother drowned when he was young, so I never met him, and her older sister moved to Denmark when she met her husband and her younger sister moved about 600 kilometers to the south and got married there. They both got children.  My uncle Helmut, whom […]