Experimenting with my health

Over the course of the last 9 days I’ve written about what I see as a threat to life on Earth and to the environment as well as a few possible solutions I can think of to problems like pollution and greedy companies with flawed ethics. The last problem I want to address is also […]

The chemicals we take for our health

Today it’s unusual for a person my age (mid-fifties) not to be on a few medications, and often it goes as follows: maybe you’re having a routine check at your doctor, or maybe you feel a little sluggish one day and go to see him/her. You’re doctor finds something. Maybe your blood pressure is too […]

Cannibalism – almost like in the civilized world – pages 38 and 39

Among Alma Nissens patients there are also children. Just like the adults they get a cleansing through a liquid diet and afterwards a vegetarian diet. In the picture beneath Alma Nissen examines the medicine patients have put down after they started her cure. – The medicine often only suppresses the symptoms and has side effects that […]

Translation of: The mystery of arthritis is solved, page 1

ALMA NISSEN: The mystery of arthritis is solved – A book about Alma Nissens life and work Written by Peter Laursen   “The day will come, when the doctors have to defend what they did, if they can.” “To give a sick person medicine that suppresses the disease and which in itself has side effects, […]