People from the past

My mom had 2 sisters and 1 brother. Her brother drowned when he was young, so I never met him, and her older sister moved to Denmark when she met her husband and her younger sister moved about 600 kilometers to the south and got married there. They both got children.  My uncle Helmut, whom […]

How I went to Spain by accident, part 5 / My way home

Driving back to France was so much easier. The first 300 – 400 km we drove along the Mediterranean, and even so the area wasn’t as flat as I was used to, it was nothing compared to driving through the Pyrenees. So far we had spent a lot of time doing nothing but relaxing. It […]

The Hill Strangler

Todays assignment: Write a story that begins: “The last time I saw my mother was fifteen years ago.” Richard opened the cupboard over the sink and took two cups and two saucers out of it. “Would you like some biscuits with your tee?” he asked. The other man shook his head. “Are you sure? They […]