Good bye Christmas, hello New year’s eve!

So, my families big Christmas get together is finally over, and I am back home, where it’s still sort of Christmas and now we’re looking forward to New year’s eve.   This is how our Christmas tree looked after the cat plaid in it and made it fall It’s colder now, and while the snow didn’t […]

We’re so ready for Christmas!

So far we’ve been on the island for 3 days. We’re four of my five siblings and I and some of our children and partners, 12 people all in all. We’ve been out several times and have filled our cars with food and drink, so now the fridge is full and all the cupboards too. […]

He was hungry enough to eat caviar

I looked for a recipe in a book today and found a picture of blinis, tiny small pancakes, with caviar. That reminded me of one of the stories my dad used to tell. His dad, my granddad, was a fisherman, and back in the days, when my parents were children and young, there were lots […]

About Christmas traditions

Todays assignment: Write naked As I told you in an earlier post that’s not going to happen. It’s winter and cold and apart from that I would just feel silly. Instead I want to talk to you about Christmas. Again. I’ve often wondered how others handle other peoples and especially their parents expectations for Christmas. […]


Todays assignment: Just that one word and an old picture of a little girl in a dress, and she is not happy Under my desk, right next to where I sit, I have several boxes containing hundreds of photographs. I got those boxes earlier this year when my mom died and we had to empty […]

Describe your first brush with danger

I was born in 1956 and remember being a child in the 60’es. My hometown was a tiny city, populated by about 2500 good people, in the northern part of Germany. It was a real city, not a village, as everybody there would tell you, if you should be in doubt. I guess it was, […]