My physician thinks it’s great – Page 75

One of Alma Nissens former patients, Helena Johansson from Sjuntorp in Sweden, writes about staying at Brandal and about the time after she returned home: (paraphrased): After a pregnancy and a subsequent flu I got arthritis that got worse and worse for each day. In the end my husband had to help me get dressed, […]

I’ve been stubborn all my life – Page 71

– It’s as if you’ve been stubborn all your life? – Yes I have. And it was necessary! But at the same time I’ve also had a big desire to help, I’ve had it for as long as I can remember. As I mentioned earlier, I had a sick father. He suffered a lot because […]

The politicians are welcome – Page 69

Your food should be your medicine and your medicine your food. Health is our best, our only capital. These facts cannot be repeated often enough. When I had rheumatism, the only help I got made me so much worse. I got 22 pills per day. In the end I was so poisoned by medicine that […]

The psoriasis scabs don’t come back – page 57

We make the patients hair wet and massage oil into it, and then we put a hood on the patients head. The next day we can remove all scabs with a comb and wash the hair. The psoriasis patients continue drinking potato water and the scabs will not come back! – But surely it’s a […]

Page 10 – My mother healed me

When I was 10 years old, I had an acute attack of gout. People called it growing pains. My knees were swollen and red. My hands were completely immobile. That’s why I’m absolutely convinced that I had arthritis or rheumatism as we also call the disease. My mother knew that I had to have heat […]