This is not for the faint hearted

When I was a child, we never ate strong spicy food. Our food tasted of the vegetables that were in it and pork, beef, poultry or fish, where the taste was enhanced with salt and a little pepper, and that was it. The only exception to it was an occasional spoonful of mustard if we […]

Every home can be a health home – Page 73

Taxes can go down. The result would be that families had more money. What I propose is achievable. Every home can be a health home. Every country can become a model country for the rest of the world. People can really begin to thrive. These visions of the future are no utopia. It is all […]

How to rescue a theatrical performance – Page 27

You can also get the recipe for how the director of a theatre can save a performance. When the leading lady, who has to sing a big aria, is hoarse, there is no show. It’s the nightmare of every theater director. As soon as you get a fever or a cold, you can save the […]