Inventions of a lifetime

Do you ever think about how much things have changed in your lifetime? Things we never thought of before, but then we got them and they have become a very important part of our lives? When I was a child my family wasn’t rich, but my parents owned a house, so we were better off […]

About moving between countries

So, the first time I moved between countries was in 1977, when I was 20. By then I’d been working at something called Fernmeldeamt, which was part of the German postal service, where I’d worked with phone services and radio transmissions to ships and far away places, first in Hamburg and then in Kiel in […]

Be safe while driving!

Todays assignment: Roadkill (and a night picture of a road that’s empty except for one car.) Most of the time, while we are driving around in our cars, we feel absolutely safe. It’s almost as if it’s a part of our home, where nothing can happen to us. We know that we shouldn’t talk on […]