The back cover of the book: The mystery about arthritis is solved

The back cover of the book The doctor of the newspaper Dagen says about Alma Nissen’s cure: The times I’ve visited Alma Nissen, I’ve seen many cases where people get healthier every day. After reading ”The mystery of arthritis is solved”, the Danish critic and writer Lis Andersen writes: THIS HAS TO BECOME A POPULAR […]

This is how I treat leg ulcers with garlic – Page 26

As I mentioned earlier nature’s penicillin has many uses. We’ve used it to treat: bladder infections; prostate and ovarian infections and sinusitis; infections of the maxillary sinus, frontal sinusitis and infections of the ears. Yes, in our experience all infections in closed spaces can be treated with garlic. When I use garlic for leg ulcers, […]