About money consciousness

Do you ever think about why you have the income you have? Are you happy with what you get? Are you able to save some and give away some and still have a good life and make ends meet? To be honest, I’ve struggled making ends meet most of my life. I was a single […]

Mr. Bruhn

Todays assignment: Write about a child that makes a decision that – wittingly or unwittingly – alters the course of his or her future. Back in my time the Danish private school in our town had ten grades. The first four or five grades were common for all pupils. After that we were divided into […]

Famous people I know

Today’s assignment: Describe your first encounter with a celebrity When I was a little girl our neighbor, who worked as a cleaning lady at a teacher’s home, arranged for me to go and play with that teacher’s daughter. She was a little younger than I and the single child of a single mom, and I […]

Sigurds shrimp soup

Today’s assignment: Tell a story that centers around a recipe. Instead of going to a public school my daughters went to a private school when they were 6 till 16 years old. It was a small school that focused on modern arts and especially on music.  No class had more than 18 kids and there […]