Amsterdam’s painters – Nicolaes Maes

Nicolaes Maes was born in Dordrecht in January 1634 and was buried in Amsterdam on December 24th 1693. He was a painter and painted mostly genre pieces and portraits.   Young woman peeling apples (1655) Maes moved to Amsterdam around 1650, when he became an apprentice of Rembrandt. As was the case for many of […]

Dutch painters – Jan Havicksz. Steen

  Self portrait Jan Havicksz. Steen was born in Leiden in 1626 and died in Leiden on January 1rst 1679. Painter.   Idlers He was educated at a Latin school and enrolled at Leiden University, but never graduated. He is said to have been an apprentice of Nicolaus Knupfer, Adriaen van Ostade and Jan van Goyen. […]

Amsterdam’s painters – Karel Mander and Frans Hals

Carel or Karel van Mander, was born in Meulebeke in May 1548 and died in Amsterdam on September 11th 1606. He was a painter and writer. Van Mander was a mannerist painter and one of the renaissance painters.   Frans Hals was born in Antwerp around 1583 and died in Haarlem in August 1666. He was […]

Frans Banning Cocq

 (1605 – 1655) is the central figure in Rembrandt’s Night Watch He owned the citadel Huis Ilpenstein and his title was Heer van Purmerlant en Ilpendam. Later he settled in Amsterdam and became captain of the archers and was a member of the archer’s house, which in 1638 decided to have their portraits painted by […]