The medicine is worse than the disease

Fresh air and exercise is part of Alma Nissens health program. In the picture above the gymnastics team at Brandal is led by Pia Gahns, while Maggie Wärenstam, seated in the rowing machine (beneath) is under the command of Alma Nissen.   About Alma Nissen Maggie Wärenstam says: – She is unique. She sees the […]

Fruit, vegetables and porridge – Pages 30 and 31

Caption: Brandal Helsehjem has a small but good organic vegetable garden, where Pia Gahns amongst other things picks green salad (picture to the left). In the upper picture Alma Nissen reaches out for more garlic while Mizzi Hempel watches her. – I’ve always had a weak constitution – Mizzi Hempel says. – Had I not […]

What Alma Nissen’s helper has to say – Page 21

Pia Gahns – Alma Nissen’s right hand – while she prepares potato water for a day for the patients at Brandal – I’ve seen the most unbelievable things happen here at Brandal, she says. – We’ve had so good results, one almost can’t believe it. We get rheumatic patients, where the doctor said: ”This is […]