Midsummer bonfire at Skagen Sønderstrand (not my picture) In case you didn’t notice: today is the 24th of June and we are exactly in the middle between two Christmases. This is midsummer, which is a big thing in Scandinavia, because it’s the time of year when we have the most light. Where I am […]

How I went to Spain by accident, part 3

We left Andorra early. Maybe the trip up the mountains had hardened me, but even so we still drove on the side of the road from where we could see all the way down several hundred meters, driving in the mountains didn’t feel as bad as the day before. By the time it got dark […]

A weekend away with mom and dad

Todays assignment: Describe your most memorable family holiday and explain what made it special for you. My mom would have loved to go on vacations, but my dad never wanted to. As a kid in the beginning of world war two he’d been sent to some family in another part of Germany, where he’d stayed […]

Chinese horoscope

Today’s assignment: Just one word: Prophecy and a picture of a fortune cookie If I had to tell about my life in one single word, I would choose the word: Changing. Think about it: I’ve moved between countries several times. I’ve moved 27 times so far. I’ve been married twice and had quite a few […]