Update about the progress in my new flat

A while ago I complained to you about being stuck in limbo and having had to wait for my new flat for far too long. Since then a lot has happened.  Before    After First the plumber arrived and fixed all radiators, then the carpenter, who took down a wall and replaced some windowsills, then the […]

Finally the craftsmen are showing up

Yesterday the carpenter came and pulled down one wall, so where there was a long narrow room and a long narrow hallway there is now a larger open room with enough space for a long dining table. It’s going to be great.   Before     After   A table like this would be gorgeous […]

Amsterdams painters – Jan Lievens and Adriaen van Ostade

  A self portrait Jan Lievens was born in Leiden on October 24th 1607 and died in Amsterdam on July 4th 1674. Painter. He became an apprentice when he was eight years old and went to be an apprentice of Pieter Lastman in Amsterdam, when he was ten. There he worked together with Rembrandt.   The […]

Amsterdam’s painters – van der Ast, van Goyen and Saenredam

Balthasar van der Ast was born in Middelburg around 1593 and died in Delft in December 1657. Painted still life with flowers.      Jan van Goyen was born in Leiden on January 13th 1596 and died in Den Haag on April 27th 1656. Painter.     Pieter Jansz Saenredam was born in Assendelft in 1597 […]

Pieter Aertsen

Pieter Aertsen aka Lange Pier or Pietro il Lungo, born in Amsterdam around 1508-1509 — died in Amsterdam 1575. Painter Aertsen lived in Antwerpen from approximately 1526 till about 1556. There he painted altar pieces and pictures about peasant’s life. He also painted market scenes and kitchen pieces with realistic depictions of amongst other things fruit, bread […]

Amsterdams painters – Cornelis Anthonieszoon

One of the best known pictures of the very early Amsterdam is made by the painter Cornelis Anthonieszoon, who was born in 1499 and died in 1556. Emperor Charles V had instructed him to paint the town.  Emperor Charles V If you go to visit the Amsterdam Historisch Museum you can see the work in […]

Give your characters a hobby

Todays assignment: Look at the characters in the story you’re writing and reflect on their hobbies. How do they spend their free time? Why do they choose to spend it this way? And what does it say about them? The novel I’m writing these days (I’ve written about the story here on the blog in […]

Werner & Gertie

Todays assignment: In-laws Over the years there have been quite a few men in my life. I was married to two of them, lived together with a few others and then there were some, who were just boyfriends. As a consequence I’ve had many in-laws in my life. Most of them were nice and decent […]