This is how I treat leg ulcers with garlic – Page 26

As I mentioned earlier nature’s penicillin has many uses. We’ve used it to treat: bladder infections; prostate and ovarian infections and sinusitis; infections of the maxillary sinus, frontal sinusitis and infections of the ears. Yes, in our experience all infections in closed spaces can be treated with garlic. When I use garlic for leg ulcers, […]

Garlic for all infections – Page 24

The fact that garlic also helps you get a whole train compartment for yourself is something you have to see from the bright side. Unfortunately it takes some time for people to get used to the smell of garlic. The problem is solved when everybody eats garlic. – How can it be that garlic – […]

The migraine disappeared

The mystery of arthritis is solved (continued)   Alma Nissen, 92 years old   I had migraines for many years, Alma Nissen explains. Each time the migraine started, I saw no other alternative then to call the doctor as soon as possible and to get an injection … The pain hammered away in line with […]

The mystery of arthritis is solved

Before I start giving you the book about Alma Nissen, I’ll give you the following article from 1989, taken from the free Danish magazine called Helsenyt   Alma Nissen, 92 years old I eat garlic like it was candy! – And that’s probably why I’m 92 years old today and still have Brandal Helsehjem (a […]