About New Years resolutions

Though there were joy and happiness and glimpses of good fortune in it, 2014 was not one of my best years. I got divorced, and I moved out of a nice flat in town and was supposed to move into another flat in the countryside, but got stuck in limbo in my daughters guest room, […]

The Moroccan affair

Todays assignment: Begin in the middle. Write your own opening line that begins in the middle. Establish characters, situations and conflicts with a few choice words. Then drop your reader right smack in the center. “Will you please sit down here next to me?” He made a sign with his hand on the sofa next […]

Chinese horoscope

Today’s assignment: Just one word: Prophecy and a picture of a fortune cookie If I had to tell about my life in one single word, I would choose the word: Changing. Think about it: I’ve moved between countries several times. I’ve moved 27 times so far. I’ve been married twice and had quite a few […]