I became a total wreck – Page 66

My gallstone cure can for instance also be used by people who are going on a long trip. It’s always nice to be sure that a trip isn’t going to be ruined by a gallstone attack. And you can be sure if you take the pain free cure without side effects. A good and cheap […]

The psoriasis scabs don’t come back – page 57

We make the patients hair wet and massage oil into it, and then we put a hood on the patients head. The next day we can remove all scabs with a comb and wash the hair. The psoriasis patients continue drinking potato water and the scabs will not come back! – But surely it’s a […]

And then I said: DRINK IT! – Page 43

The phone was hung up. He was the head of a large hospital with 250 patients, and I had no power to change his attitude. At the hotel where I stayed, I wanted to speak with the owner of the hotel; of course my brain was still working with my wish to do anything in […]