Three weeks into the drinking cure – one week left

This morning my scale showed 1½ kilos less, which means that within the last three weeks I’ve shed 6½ kilos in all. That’s not bad. I also got rid of the pain in my neck, throat and sinuses. I hope it just was a false alarm, or maybe the viruses got scarred by the herbs […]

More recipes from Brandal – Page 35

More recipes from Brandal For a portion of buckwheat porridge we use 1 deciliter buckwheat and 3 deciliter water. It’s brought to a boil, where after it has to simmer for half an hour. In the case of millet porridge we use 1 deciliter millet and 3 deciliter water which is brought to a boil, […]

Kernel-bread with chocolate

The fifth of November I told you about the pros and cons about wheat and gluten. Back then I gave you a recipe for a kernel-bread with cheese and without gluten and I promised you another recipe without gluten and with chocolate. Here it is: Ingredients: 75 g linseeds 75 g pumpkin seeds 75 g […]