You’ve scandalized me! – Page 42

While this took place, the journalist wrote everything down on her block. –  But you can under no circumstances write about any of this, the physician snapped at the journalist. – What you’ve said I’ve written. And now we won’t take any more of your time, the journalist answered. And then we went. The next […]

About a little book about gout, rheumatoid arthritis and other auto immune diseases

When my grandma was about 60 years old she got rheumatoid arthritis and became very sick. So much so, she couldn’t stay in her own house anymore, but moved in with my parents and siblings and me. She got her own room on the first floor, and on her first day she sat down in […]

Thomas the brave

Today’s assignment: Casualty In 1977, the year I left Germany in August, I worked as a substitute teacher at my old school during spring and early summer. What I remember most about that time, is chasing after some of the boys in fifth grade, who just knew exactly how to push my buttons. As far […]