Amsterdam’s painters – Willem van Aelst

Willem van Aelst was born inDelft in 1625 or 1626 and died in Amsterdam around 1683. He was a painter and painted still life. Willem van Aelst was the son of a lawyer from Delft. He was taught to paint by his uncle Evert van Aelst, who painted still life. From 1645 till 1649 Willem […]

Be forewarned if you want to eat in Amsterdam (1)

Amsterdam’s inhabitants come from all over the world and that’s reflected in the food you find here.    It is possible to find a place to eat for every taste and wallet, for instance restaurants with French, Spanish, Italian, Australian, Chinese, Indian and even Ethiopian or Somalian food. There are hundreds, if not thousands of […]

When enough is enough

Todays assignment: Protest How do you handle getting angry? Every once in a decade or two it happens to me: I get angry. Don’t get me wrong. I can get annoyed sometimes, but angry, really angry, is something I don’t get if I can avoid it. It’s very unpleasant while it lasts and afterwards I […]