About moving between countries

So, the first time I moved between countries was in 1977, when I was 20. By then I’d been working at something called Fernmeldeamt, which was part of the German postal service, where I’d worked with phone services and radio transmissions to ships and far away places, first in Hamburg and then in Kiel in […]

How I went to Spain by accident, part 5 / My way home

Driving back to France was so much easier. The first 300 – 400 km we drove along the Mediterranean, and even so the area wasn’t as flat as I was used to, it was nothing compared to driving through the Pyrenees. So far we had spent a lot of time doing nothing but relaxing. It […]

About Christmas traditions

Todays assignment: Write naked As I told you in an earlier post that’s not going to happen. It’s winter and cold and apart from that I would just feel silly. Instead I want to talk to you about Christmas. Again. I’ve often wondered how others handle other peoples and especially their parents expectations for Christmas. […]