Amsterdam’s painters – Cornelis Ketel

Cornelis Ketel was born inGouda on March 18th1548 and died in Amsterdam on August 8th 1616. Cornelis Ketel was a mannerist painter. Ketel was apprenticed to the painter Anthonie van Blokland in Delft from 1634. In 1635 he moved to Paris, but had soon to return to the Netherlands because of the political circumstances. Here, […]

Amsterdam as a safe harbor for refugees

The big economic boom acted as a magnet for people everywhere in the Netherlands and elsewhere in Europe, and immigrants flocked to the city to seek their fortune.   Louis de Geer was one of those refugees, who arrived in 1615. His father moved from Liege to Holland to give his children a better future, […]

Holland versus Netherlands

Holland consists of the 2 provinces Noordholland and Zuidholland Noordholland is a peninsula between the Northsea and the Ijsselmeer. More than half of Noordhollands surface consists of drained land. The island of Texel in the Wadden Sea is part of the province Noordholland. Amsterdam is the largest city of the province. The province Zuidholland is […]

About moving between countries

So, the first time I moved between countries was in 1977, when I was 20. By then I’d been working at something called Fernmeldeamt, which was part of the German postal service, where I’d worked with phone services and radio transmissions to ships and far away places, first in Hamburg and then in Kiel in […]

Language confusion

Todays assignment: Dialect During the Thirty Years War (1618 – 1648), which in the beginning was a religious war between Protestants and Catholics, the Duke of Gottorp, Frederik the third, asked Remonstrants and Mennonites from Holland to come and build a city in the northern part of what’s now Germany, between the two rivers Eider […]