Experimenting with my health

Over the course of the last 9 days I’ve written about what I see as a threat to life on Earth and to the environment as well as a few possible solutions I can think of to problems like pollution and greedy companies with flawed ethics. The last problem I want to address is also […]

Every home can be a health home – Page 73

Taxes can go down. The result would be that families had more money. What I propose is achievable. Every home can be a health home. Every country can become a model country for the rest of the world. People can really begin to thrive. These visions of the future are no utopia. It is all […]

About writing and reading blog posts

Coping with criticism Sometimes it seems to me that everybody is a writer. Of course they are not, but there is certainly a lot more writing and especially public writing going on than at any earlier time in history. The internet enables all of us to tell our story and stories to the whole world, […]

Don’t do it

Todays assignment: Marathon It was Plutarch, who in the first Century AD told us the story about the runner, who after the battle on Marathon (the Greek word for fennel) between the Greeks and the Persian Empire 490 BC was send from the battle field to Athens about 40 km away, and who died of […]