We’re so ready for Christmas!

So far we’ve been on the island for 3 days. We’re four of my five siblings and I and some of our children and partners, 12 people all in all. We’ve been out several times and have filled our cars with food and drink, so now the fridge is full and all the cupboards too. […]

My grandmas black book

After my mother died last year, and while my sisters, my oldest daughter and I went through all her things, I found a little black book that turned out to be nothing less than a treasure. It had belonged to my mothers mother and my mother had kept it together with hundreds of pictures. Most […]


Todays assignment: Just that one word and an old picture of a little girl in a dress, and she is not happy Under my desk, right next to where I sit, I have several boxes containing hundreds of photographs. I got those boxes earlier this year when my mom died and we had to empty […]