Part two of my experiment is not really working for me either

Since 15th of October I’ve been on part two of my experiment, the Low Carb High Fat diet. First let me say that the food is very tasty and that I haven’t had any problems about staying on a strict diet – well maybe except for having a night cap now and then. For the […]

Day 15 of the experiment

Today, in the morning of my 15th day on Alma Nissen’s drinking cure, I stepped on the scale and found that I’d lost another 2 kilos, so now I’m 5 kilos lighter all in all. Before I started this experiment, I told you that my health was good and I still think that’s true, but […]

Don’t do it

Todays assignment: Marathon It was Plutarch, who in the first Century AD told us the story about the runner, who after the battle on Marathon (the Greek word for fennel) between the Greeks and the Persian Empire 490 BC was send from the battle field to Athens about 40 km away, and who died of […]